So you’ve tried repairs on your house but haven’t gotten past step one, or perhaps your around the house repairs have scared you neighbors, friends and family so much they consider approaching you for an intervention whenever you suggest there is a project you might be interested in doing yourself.

To save money! You can save thousands of dollars doing your own house repairs in this modern age of Google and Amazon.

If you were to start a club full of people voted most likely to hire flaky contractors to either keep the rain, rot and wildlife away from your house, I would have been voted the president of that group. Actually, the treasurer of such a group would have the most responsibilities, because hiring a contractor you don’t know can be as much or more expensive as finding your spouse on Internet chat and marrying him or her after a quick meeting and one conversation.

Be assured, if you call a roofing contractor for an estimate on leak repairs or a new roof, he or she will insist on coming out for a consultation and to talk money. And of course, since they are already there in your living room drinking up your Keurig coffee and eating your donuts (as you, after all, have been waiting a long time to fix that leak and don’t want them to leave) they will want to climb up onto your roof to get a lay of the land (all four of them).

And once your new roofing crew has tread upon the shingles of your roof, be assured that if you had a small leak before they gave you the bid, it’s going to be a geyser when they climb down the ladder to surprise you with a high worst case scenario summary. Only if you pay that price will you be able to continue your life with no worry.

We once had a leak under our kitchen sink, and I knew nothing about plumbing so called a plumber out, trusting he would do his best job. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to take on the plumbing task myself, first by installing an oversize sink my wife wanted, and then u replacing all our outdated polybutylene pressure pipes (that grey pipe in many manufactured homes that lowers property values as it deteriorates from the chlorine in the water and can ruin a house in a flood), that I found out how inept or lazy the plumber I had hired two years ago had been. I vowed my money would not be wasted on lazy fat contractors again.

Recently we installed a new shed that I had to shelve, pipe electricity to, and build a ramp up to among other things. So the old shed I turned into a sports area for kayak and bike storage. And in my shop I am building an office to tutor and write in. Of course once I got under the house to change my leaking gray polybutylene pipes of my manufactured home, I found a possum’s nest in the insulation above the vapor barrier next to the HVAC vents and evidence of rats and mice. I can’t imagine having to pay someone to do all the repairs I’ve done on my manufactured home and property; even having to buy all this stuff, and making the mistakes I’ve made, buying special tools (like a Quick Clamp tool to clamp the pipes together) I still come out thousands of dollars in the black.

In this blog I will go into detail about how an ignorant homeowner can upgrade his or her property and / or manufactured home, while at the same time learning to do house repairs after the main tasks are done (as you’ve already got the tools and knowhow from doing the projects yourself). I will tell you of my experiences learning, from the helpful clerk at a local home repair store to the advice of friends, and especially the cloud.

The cloud, Internet, whatever you call it, has so much helpful information it can make a novice of home repair into an accomplished do it your-selfer in only minutes a day. When I’m working on a project, I go on the Internet, Google, Amazon, Home Depot, Jerry’s, Lowes, at the end of the day to plot my course for the next day.

If I am doing home repairs with Joyce, my wife, she usually researches projects from plumbing to fence building on her smart phone. These are all tools that can make a genius of any homeowner in a day, and you can turn your house into a home without having to pay for the lavish lifestyles of contractors who know they can take advantage of your lack of learning to make more than a few extra dollars.

A good teacher is someone who is so naïve that they make every mistake possible, so they know how to warn others of the pitfalls. Those project geniuses can help, but they fail to see the pitfalls, as they have already bypassed the negative aspects of home repair long ago. You need an amateur like me, as well as trained professionals.

Until next article, good luck. And I’ll leave a link on for ya!

Donald Standeford


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