As I fly above the clouds, I hear

Of engines vibrating

They whisper of power to hold this plane
on its plane pocket of air;

Whispers of monotony,
a constant state of rising

Seatbelts taken off
and people boozing then


But always constant whispering

Of the metal beast;

She whispers of her power
to speed above clouds

Through space; the desert

Below her,
so beautiful its face
would it absorb the thoughts of my soul,

Erase me from this perch

On nature,

Forces that hold me

Curl up and die? A true force,

The earth, even truer the moon, beyond it Mars,
cold, dead; below
lazy streams combine into

Lazy rivers; see the sum of sand

And smell the rum;

Smell the whiskey, the curdling yeast;

Soon he will come

From the holy east, rise, rise, and rise

And raise the dead up as he flies,

Raise both body and soul

Alive; those he claims as his own,
Never, ever again to be left


Donald Standeford

6 thoughts on “SON OF THE EASTERN SKY

  1. The imagery of the whole poem is beautiful, very vibrant like the engines of the plane. As a reader you can sense each and every moment as if you were actually on the plane experiencing all: its sounds, movements, the passengers around you, the landscape below and above, the cosmos… I wonder at the female personification of the plane. This is probably because if a male poet finds admiration in women, perhaps it is an unconscious association of mind. I also wonder at the male character, the he:

    “Soon he will come
    From the holy east, rise, rise, and rise”

    What does this he mean? I tend to associate it with the sun, which indeed rises from the east and is mostly masculinized in many cultures and languages. However the east is holy in this poem, and this he will save us to be left alone. Is he Jesus Christ?

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    1. Yes, he is Jesus. If you ever look at a mausoleum, the kind that looks like a square, block building outside, you’ll see that if there are any empty, unsold cubicles, they won’t be on the East wall of the mausoieum. The spots on the East wall sell first. This is because of the reassurance Christ gave to Christians who knew they would die before the rapture, that they would not be left behind in the resurection. Those dead in Christ, in fact, would arise first, and only afterward would be raptured the living.

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