This ghost town has so many entrances,

Some shut

For romantic encounters,


Locking themselves together in a hot tawdry twist

But thru the “batwing” doors into the saloon

You can watch blouses and suits order

Espressos, Latte s,

Try tiny free samples of flavorings,

All served up by the smiling

Japan man.

Hover Round lady

Spinning in with straw

Summer hat,

Cinched to her chin with a black beret strap.

A six pack of Heineken fills

A makeshift shopping basket

Last in line

Her sloops up fruit

In a wonderful banana

Moment; so fresh, s

He holds it perfectly peeled, then takes a drink

 Latte from a cup. Her wood cane

She uses not. It’s worn and weathered,

Has no automatic

Gears, power source. Hover round lady

Is fully pleasured,

And she’s up and away,

Through the bat wing doors

Under the blue summer sky,

Hover Round free, hovering bird, she’s got the joggers beat with her overdrive. Step off

The sidewalk

If you want to stay alive.

Like the tall beard bushed man, who strides on the lane,

Black beard bushing out

White hair carefully combed

Like a terrier looking for a dog show,

He struts the street,

In front of the ten foot pole like trees

Freshly planted

For the saloon’s grand opening,

Coffee café.

Some strong saplings prevail against the winds.

Baseball cap black

Covers bearded terrier’s eyes,

Like the Uni-bomber he hides between sidewalk’s lines.

But who can stop banana charged ladies

Hover Round flies

Toward bush bearded terrier man,

But no fear in her determined eyes,

Banana chunk

Still chewing it carefully, so fast she’s no idea

Just which side of

The walk

 She’s on

Inside caffeine saloon

Japan man mixes espressos, lattes,

Sending courage to a gathering crowd,

 This way and that,

Wherever the wind blows,

And deli lady

Arrives for a latte

And lovers who have hid themselves behind closed doors

Appear from the woodwork

Like Sheriffs on a bust,

Milling, sipping,

They all come out of invisibility.

“Did you see that lady on the Hover Round?”

Japan Man

Mixes a drink in the blender, happy.

He’s got the style, the caffeine, the story, the value,

 The talk of the day, ‘Anyway,

This lady in a Hover Round electric chair flashes

Right by the window,

Paying no attention at all.”

Japan man pauses,

Twinkle in his eyes. He passes out another latte.

“She said she had a hard time seeing him – tall thin man

Wearing a black baseball cap,

Had a big bushy beard. She’d

Just left here before she mowed

Him down.”

Japan man

Mixes, pours, spoons,

He feeds caffeine to the crowd.

“It’s not my fault,” he says with a smile,

“I just fill em up

And send them out.”

                                    Donald  Standeford

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