via Chitwick in the Forest Down

This is a patiently penned poem by Lance Sheridan. Great use of line and rhythm that moves reader along at the pace author intended. The imagery is subtle, carefully laid out like a patient painter laying out various colored oils.

3 thoughts on “Chitwick in the Forest Down

  1. Yes, I so love Lance’s poem. I wrote this on his blog:

    Beautifully penned, Lance. I love the mythical element and the vivid imagery of your poem. Everything is lovely here. I especially like the lines of the poet:

    “He a poet is, pens about ‘her beauty
    and how much he
    loves her’

    Feels her smile move across
    his face,
    the wildflowers”

    And these lines have touched me:

    “Her world smells of ladyslippers
    and forget-me-nots, watered
    by summer rain from
    distant lands”

    Your poem resonates with me. I think this is one of my favorites.

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