via Elina Duni Quartet – Sytë

This poem by Marta Pombo is a great example of story in poetry. There are basically four elements in any type of draft:





Poetic energizers:

music (like rhyme, meter, etc.)



They work in pairs of at least one limiter paired with one of the poetic energy category. using imagery and story only creates a stagnant work with no music or imagination. but music and imagination only creates boundless energy with nothing to encase that energy or reign it in.

Imagination and music are creative energies that tend to try to bust out of the bonds of a draft and take over.  Story and imagery reel in the draft and keep it in check so the music or imagination can have a setting to be admired, like a stone encased in gold.

Story and imagination are predominate in Marta’s poem, along with a little music. The picture also acts to guide the reader along.

Donald Standeford



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