The city set high on a hill.

It shone so radiant, so perfect, so pure.

The narrow way so clearly shone

You had to walk it up alone


Murky river I remember

Its deep ungentle thoughts

where he bought my immortal soul

when I lay at bottoms low.


He fetched me to the sacred shore

I woke awash in holy light

Shed the dust of Earth’s long night

I slid off my sheets of stain

And felt his cleansing holy rain.


That precious precious lighted hill

where I had never been

but I had seen it in a mirror

saw my end as it drew nearer



Afresh, I stalked this city’s light

Pushed by the pulse that pulled me there

I felt naked and ashamed

But I had made it, finally here


In the darkness of my valleys

In the doubting of my searching soul

I saw in him no shifting shadows

Only the light that had brought me here


That separates the soul from skin

And the horrid hurts of the human soul

The darkness fled so I’m now flooding

Into the light, my eternal home.


Donald Standeford


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