You rejected me
I bounced back
You made light of my words
I bounced back
You denounced my name
I bounced back
You denied knowing me
I bounced back.

You beat me

Stripped me of my skin

Poured out my blood to quench the thirst

Of your vineyard

I bounced back.


You strung out my sinew over dry branches

You hanged my skin onto rotting bones in dead valleys

You cursed me from the anonymity of crowds

But I came back.
The stirred hot furnace lights nearer, to the corner of your eye

Those ‘Pentecostals’ seem more sensible

As faces redden from the nearing final coals.

So realize: these unknown tongues are spoken without permission from you.


Many mouths will speak many mysteries

The dead will no longer dawdle

The floods will come with only fire, no Noah rain

Thirst will be quenched by fire this time.


Learning more. Learning more. Minds will discover

What was evasive before.


And you:

You spat on me, beat me

But you came back

You bruised my skin

But you came back.

Despite your curses, oaths against me

You returned.


You bounced back.


The once fruitful Eden?

Just a beautiful branch in the garden of ‘To Come’
its proverbial “Apple”

No longer a temptation to the living

Full circle

Knowing good from evil

Will be a



The serpent bows

Tongues waggle out strange tongues

At His discretion

Not yours

With you? Without you?


Prophecy hangs

Above the mountains

Like a thick gray fog

That will evaporate, be

Made clear over

Eons. Eons.


The serpent will bow

You will bow

The serpent will bow

You will bow

The serpent will bow

You will bow


Your only refuge will be the Trees of Life


Donald Standeford



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