‘Tap tap swipe tap tap’

The keys of her smartphone she’s effortless

On her comfortable couch

When her head tilts back

Her lips Curve down

In kind of an upside

Down ‘U’ frown


It’s no gloomy Gus frown

No frustrated frown

It’s a contemplating frown

A thinking frown

There’s more to her lips than a pucker pout

But they do fall short of a happy grin


More than ‘at a loss’

Just shy of a ‘win’.


‘Tap tap tap’ is more intent this time

Certain to her

Uncertain to me;

Her purple framed glasses magnify her current view

Submerse her in a cloud

Of mystery,

Of time

Every petite



All on utube seems so super fresh,

Exciting, on the edge, 21st century,

Those in the know know

Very few things in this world are new

Just a fact

One reality


That utube video, her face to her phone

Her silence shatters to a hundred rhythmic laughs

Coaxed, she erupts in petite smiles

Each denying emptiness its victory

Won’t last.


She isn’t aware of how she saves me

Each new morning I see her smile

After 21 years my pulse still races

She keeps my heart beating,

Overrides me, my gray outlook

My stark Reality


She lets me be Atlas



She opens doors I cannot



She sets me free


She pounds loose the rock

Then smashes the stone

Let’s me go home


Night does come, often stays too long

But its stars still show me

The vast complications of the Creator’s mind

There are endless galaxies in endless rivers

And endless rivers

in endless trees


That’s why our song past 21 years

‘Moon River’ reminds me of yesterday.

We wanted Moon River, its dreamy rhythm

That had swept us up together


We wanted Moon River to be our home

But we did love Kayaking lost at Lune Lake

In fun. Maybe we could settle there

At Loon Lake –

Dare we settle?


Happy 21st Joyce –

I hope you feel as at home as I do!


Donald Standeford


4 thoughts on “To Joyce on Our 21st

  1. Wow, Donald, I so love this poem! Your wife Joyce can be greatly proud of you. This is such a lovely homage to her and to the great love you both have. Happy anniversary! 🌙🌈🌿🌹⭐😇

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy Anniversary to my writer man! Thank you for the poem…. brings back many memories of the past 21 years. We made it…. they said we wouldn’t, but we defied all odds. We had more against us, than for us, but God was on our side. We are here, this is home, I need you by my side….for completeness, for companionship. We have memories, good and bad, but I will cherish the good as I long to make more of them. We are one together, with God. I love you….you brought life to this wilted rose!🥀🌷⚘💞💕💜💗

    Liked by 1 person

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