this is the prequel to “How a Rip in My Pants Made Me Human again”

6 thoughts on “On The Subject of Buttons

  1. As well written, enjoyable and humorous as your other buttonology treatise, “On The Subject of Buttons”. Both stories make the ordinary problem of the buttons something extraordinary, therefore, unexpected and original to the readers; they keep us (well, at least, me and I hope many more people) avid to find out what comes next. Your story writing is fresh and agile (don’t know if the latter adjective can be applied to writing styles in the English language, but it is what we would say in Catalan, my native language). The kind of humorous writing of yours slightly reminds me of English writer Tom Sharpe. I remember how I laughed while reading his novel called Wilt (its film adaptation completely pales compared to the book). Your writing also reminds me of another writer, Irish-American teacher and writer Frank McCourt with his novel Teacher Man.

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