And of her God,

the very God who so much loved the world

He gave His own begotten son

to hang upon a tree

A light to penetrate the night

and shine for all to see.

A child was born long years ago into a world of sin

And this year’s Christmas Special is

a girl that’s born again.

All around were chains that bound and would not set her free

It seemed that sin had locked her in

and thrown away the key.

We can see her enemy has done his work quite well

And now he’s pulling tight the bonds to lead her on to Hell.

But suddenly the bonds are loosed and she is free at last

And kneeling she – at Calvary’s tree, leaves her broken past

The angels sing hosannas.

Christian hearts are moved to tears

By that same old Christmas special that’s replayed down

Through the years.

And a girl who once was lonely has a message now

for you, of a very special Christmas and a God who wants you too

Have you tried the chains that bind you and found they held

You fast?

Tried to put you sins behind you and found it didn’t last

Are you haunted by the shadow of the ghost of Christmas past?

Don’t miss this year’s Christmas special.

Jesus wants you in the cast.

Lorraine Standeford

4 thoughts on “Christmas Story of a Girl

      1. I did not know it was your mom’s poem. Thought she might be your sister’s or some other relative’s piece. It is very well written. How good to remember your mom through her poems! Now I understand where you got the poetic talent from. My mom is an unknown painter and my dad was a left-wing politician, an intellectual and a philosopher, though he did not publish anything. My husband is similar to my dad in some aspects. He hates his bank job and writes about Catalonia’s history, does some research on that trying to unveil truths that have been silenced by the successive Spanish governments. He has a blog but it is only in Catalan. Did your mom publish her poems before she died? Have you published your poems and short stories? Have you ever thought of a book with your mom’s and your work?

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  1. thanks for your generous comments. sorry I can’t really comment much now since i’m working on a book. As far as publishing, my mom published a couple of poems. So have I, but i am more a writer than business man so i rarely submit. I’ve won a couple contest. Actually, the most i’ve made of my writing is i won a $7,000 trip for two to Denver. I’ll post a pic of the contest.

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