Behold the lilies of the field

They neither toil nor spin

They trust a God of love

To give them beauty from within.


They have no care or worries

They have no thought of pride

And everything they’ll ever need

They carry deep inside.


The Godly man’s adoring

Is beauty to behold

It shines forth as the morning

From a heart of purest gold.


The spirit of the living God

Within a woman’s heart

Draws forth the love we’re speaking of,

Beauty’s Counterpart.

Lorraine Standeford

6 thoughts on “Beauty’s Counterpart

  1. Thanks Don. I get her book of poems out every so often and read them. I am especially moved by the one she wrote when she was sick, “The way that I feel.” It brings tears to my eyes. She was such a brave lady. I would do well to be half as brave. I was missing her so bad the other night I cried until I oouldn’t cry any more. I will never get over losing that part of me. Never.

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