The sunshine of our enlightened mind,
Yellow petal flowers

To ankle bracelets, the wind

Made the Earth
Shiver. Night fall existed
as her timeless mixture of enraptured friendship;

As she held a pillowcase

Close to her heart; her bed smelled of lilacs

Poured from a small,

Artfully painted

Bag of dust;
The winds climbed upon the mother Earth,

Enraptured, body naked, lean

In the privacy of a

1/4 moon;


I held onto her heat

In Indian summer,

Rooster replaced by crows cackling

In lines on fences and power lines for miles and miles; the pig,

He was fat and hungry

As we were



And there was the barn and her secret friends,
Laughter had never existed
Apart from her. In the chills of the next winter
they would wonder at their loss,

Wouldn’t miss her
until her marvelous aura

Into rarely remembered good deeds

And a cloud of her dust; they all realized they were nothing
Without her.

Donald Standeford



3 thoughts on “OCTOBER’S SUMMER SUN

  1. Beautiful and poignant! It is sad we too often do not listen to those around us who make the world a better place. It is with their loss that we finally come to realise how important they were to us.

    Liked by 1 person

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