I am a real tumultuous sea

One wave hits anotherthat’s me

Waves sliding, edge of all the earth

Edge of my childhood, look

upon my birth


Whirlpools spinning bide

In my heart and my mind

Icebergs are

My gentlest thoughts

Whitecaps are

The spraying wind that blows

Through my thoughts


Icebergs are, just are

In me, and hold the secrets

Of my birth, times not even I

Remember, gone the times

Of sweet November


I once rested in my mother

I once talked to her

All night

She sang to me each November

Always sang, her words still ring

God rest her soul

She had to go


Now she walks amongst the Angels

Watching watching what’s below

As a child I knew no other

As a man I miss her so


There she was in sweet November

There she was beside my bed

She sang to me songs so tender

God rest her soul I’m here below

And I miss her so


Once she spoke in fiergy tongues

As she cared for her little ones

Brought me into this harsh life

A little water she poured into me

Now she is a sea


She brought me life,

She slakes my thirst, still

I stand within her saltly sea

One day I will too be freed


She made me too a sea

Mixed her salt into me

Left me on this rock

To preach and write and teach

Until I drop


She left me on this rock

To preach until I drop

She made me too a see

She’s so much a part of me

As I am of her


How she worked to make of me

A mixing, churning, life full sea

In the boundaries of my flesh

In my mind are many thoughts

Intertwined in me

Her words are like the brutal winds

That slows into the gentlest sky

And calm the raging storm of me

She made of me a sea


In my mind are many thoughts

To many for my words to tell

In my heart is so much love

It’s gone to sleep and lives above


I will not approach the deep blue sea

Will not walk up to its shores

I will hear her voice no more

Until I go I’ll say no more

Of the words she dreamed and gave to me


I will no more think of her words

Or study her philosophy

No longer will I stand and mourn

Upon the sands and footprints shown


She made of me a sea

Now I am the likeness of her love

I am a deep blue sea now too

Within the salt a move and breathe


She made of me a sea

And now I am he


Donald Standeford

7 thoughts on “She Made of Me a Sea

    1. You are always kindly welcome, Donald. I just reread this poem of yours and the more I read it, the more I like it. The water element is associated with feelings and emotions according to psychologists. How beautiful that image of your mother, who made a sea of you. What a lovely tribute with such gorgeous imagery! She was also a very talented poet. And how important is love among human beings, all kinds of love. But probably the most difficult is to find a love partner. You and I are very lucky with our partners, but for other people it is very difficult to find one. For instance, what are the love chances between two persons whose ages are so different? I strongly recommend you to read Mario’s last post on that: https://savioni.wordpress.com/2019/02/12/pickles-and-tarts-chapter-6/

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      1. Thanks so much. Sorry I haven’t been around much, but I’m knee deep in work. I’ve got some classes to finish. I just published a third book on Kindle and I’m trying to finish up this novel so I can publish it on Amazon and then get to looking for a job. Thanks.

        Donald Standeford

        Liked by 1 person

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